🌅🌋🐳🐬🐸🌴🌺Aloha Kona!🌺🌴🐸🐬🐋🐢🏄

♻FreeHi5 Redeemable’s Curbside Pickup!♻
          Serving Kailua Kona to Keauhou                                 

🌴Our History:

My name is Dustin Strom. The first time I visited Kona was back in 1988 while serving in the US Coast Guard, and instantly fell in Love with all that the Big Island had to offer. Once my enlistment was up, I moved here and started a family.

My landscaping business was doing well, but I felt I could do more. Then on Earth Day, April 22, 2014, I asked myself what I could do to help the Big Isand?  That’s when I came up with the idea to provide a Residential Curbside Recycling pick up service, after all, we were doing that back in Colorado in the 80’s. But I always thought sorting out everything and dragging 3 different bins out to the curb was a hassle. Since I didn’t know of anyone else providing such a service, I thought it would be very beneficial to my fellow residents.

Friends and family said “nobody is gonna pay to Recycle”, my response: ‘then I’ll do it for free’ in the spirit of Aloha🌺

Since then, this service has morphed into 3 different options:

♻Plan A♻

That’s Right! If you reside in the general Kona/Keahou area
You qualify for FREE Hi5 Pickup Service
from Rainbow Recycling Kona.
We Will Provide You with one 33gallon Designated Wheeled Recycling Receptacle($25.oo deposit)
If it says Hi5, Just toss ’em in, It’s that easy!
Then all you’ll have to do
is wheel it to the curb like your regular rubbish can
(or any area you prefer) We will then Swing By Weekly on your prearranged day- Monday, Tuesday or Thursday, to
pickup your bottles and cans marked Hi5
Then replace Your Bin with Fresh Clean Liner/Bag
It’s That Easy! And FREE!
Please Do Your Part To Keep Your Recyclables Above the Surface

“Aloha Malama Aina”

♻♻Plan B♻♻
Go Even Greener and Join Our Growing Community
of Futuristic Health Minded Individuals Like You!!
For just $25 per month

We Will Swing by Weekly and Pick Up “ALL” of your Recyclables,
Newspaper, Plastic (detergent bottles etc.) Glass Jars and Wine Bottles, and aluminum (tin cans etc.) as well as your Hi5’s “ONE BIN” just toss ‘ em in, We do the Sorting for You!
Broken Down Cardboard, and even Car Batteries
(Group Rates  available  for Communities and Associations) a practical way to reduse your Carbon Footprint

♻♻♻Plan C♻♻♻

            Same as above, but For just $35 per month, We will provide you with 2 bins and pick up your Recyclables and Rubbish. This Plan is Popular with Vacation Rentals & Snow Birds! This is a weekly service as well on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. Special pickups between tenants can be arranged for $15 each

We bill via email for the month in advance. There you can either pay online (less paper) by check in the mail, or best yet, provide us with a card# for monthly auto pay via the ‘Stripe’

People Ask me, ” how’s business?” I tell ’em, ‘it’s not getting any smaller!’ We currently serve over 100 satisfied customers, and it’s catching!

There is a $25 deposit for each bin. To get signed up today, simply go to RainbowRecyclingKona@gmail.com, and provide us with you Name, address, and phone number. Depending on your location, you will then be assigned a pickup day Monday-Tuesday or Thursday

Serving the Community since 2014 sparing our landfill countless tons of recyclable waste! Let’s keep Kona Nicer than we found it🌺 Mahalo


Email to get started Today



🌈♻Mahalos, Dusty♻🌈


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